Monday, January 9, 2012

Quick Tip: Blending

What can I say? It is impossible to ever ever ever EVER EVERRRR go out without blending your face... And the best tip I can give you in the task of blending is blend dark into light... Seems obvious right? You would be surprised by the people who do not know this simple fact and where to blend is key too.
On your cheeks you blend up and out never down and it's because it gives your face a round fat look and you do not look as defined as you would like to be.
On your eyes unless wanted generally you will always blend down especially with the crease because we don't want that dark crease mixed with your bright highlight of your brow bone...

But always blend this is extra special for real women and for those looking for a natural look drag and theatre are a different story(:

Thanks for reading my quick tip on blending.

"love me and you love all love is"

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